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Stage Struck Sampler

Stage Struck Sampler

Alla Nazimova (Romy Nordlinger), Clara Morris (Mari Lyn Henry), Katharine Hepburn (Paula Ewin) and Eartha Kitt (Sandhi Santini) at the Metropolitan Playhouse

Sandhi Santini as Eartha Kitt

Sandhi Santini as Eartha Kitt

Mari Lyn Henry as Clara Morris

Mari Lyn Henry as Clara Morris

Judy Rosenblatt as Bertha Kalich

Judy Rosenblatt as Bertha Kalich

Romy Nordlinger Prepares

Romy Nordlinger Prepares

As Alla Nazimova in PLACES

Ginger Grace as Minnie Fiske

Ginger Grace as Minnie Fiske

Paula Ewin in Performance

Paula Ewin in Performance

As Katharine Hepburn

Stage Struck Sampler at the Metropolitan Playhouse

“There is a wonderful group –The Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History with  mini-one acts in place, i.e. Katharine Hepburn, Eartha Kitt, and Clara Morris.  Mari Lyn Henry, founder of the group is a walking encyclopedia and provides a wealth of printed materials as well." 

-Pat Addiss, Broadway Producer

“I am intrigued by your work  and the work of your organization.” 

-Jennifer Jordan 

Director of Drama and Dance 

Miss Hall’s School

“Rebecca and I greatly admired your exquisite performance in Stage-Struck. We think that what you are doing with the Society for the Preservation of Theatrical History is exciting and inspiring. 

-Robert Pinger, playwright 


“What a terrific show. We enjoyed every minute of it. Eartha Kitt has quite a social justice story, such an inspiration to young minority women. Clearly a lot of thought went into the pieces so they’d be comprehensive in time frames and also work as a group. Audience interaction at the end was another clever part. Loved the story about the cat on stage. The time flew by.” 

-Laura Pedersen, playwright  

Thank you so much for bringing the performance of Stage Struck to our college.  The students enjoyed it very much; some of them came up to me afterwards to say how much they appreciated it, adding that the stories of these women moved them very much.. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of theatre history and performance! 

-Dr. Helen Huff,

Professor, Speech, Communication and Theatre Arts Dept., BMCC/CUNY 

“Mari Lyn Henry and the organization she founded has come up with a genius plan to entertain and educate us. She and her fellow actors each take on an icon from the theatre world and portray them in a biographical sketch about each actress’s history and career highlights.  The production I saw included Paula Ewin as Katharine Hepburn, Sandhi Santini as Eartha Kitt and Mari Lyn Henry as Clara Morris and was excellently directed by Melody Brooks at her New Perspectives Theatre. A thoroughly entertaining performance.  Bravo!"

-Peggy Howard Chane,

Director/Producer CPC Entertaninment 


“Fantastic job with your wonderful event and inspired Q and A.” 

-Jenny Lyn Bader,

playwright and author,

director of  Artistic development,

award-winning Theatre 167 

“Congrats to those amazingly talent women including Paula Ewin, Romy Nordlinger, Mari Lyn Henry, and director Melody Brooks. Stage Struck was fabulous!” 

-Joan Kane, Director 

“Lovely education in theatrical women’s history and the cast was quite awesome to hold the stage like they did solo.” 

-Denise Pence Boockvor, PR Director, History Alive! 

Program Feedback from BMCC/CUNY student after seeing a performance 

of Stage Struck on March 31, 2016 per request of Dr. Helen Huff 


“We had the privilege to watch actresses Mari Lyn Henry and Sandhi Santini perform monologues as two notable American actresses who’ve paved the way for female artists  I found it so fascinating how they can portray these women so perfectly; it was almost as if they were actually in the room with us. We received a guide as to how to create our very own performance as an actor or actress who came before us. This is something I would love to do.” 

-Excerpt from student at BMCC/CUNY 

“What an immense amount of information I’ve learned after tonight’s performance. I love how each actor’s story was personalized! And the Study Guide—wow!  What an incredible gift that is! Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to create such a thorough and thoughtful tribute.” 

-Emily Moulton,

Executive Director,

Tom Todoroff Studio and Conservatory, NYC 


“Really fine work ladies putting together a very illuminating and fascinating presentation.” 

-Shellen Lubin,

VP Programming, LPTW

Co-President, Coalition of Women in the Arts and Media 


“I enjoyed the program and the Study Guide was very nicely done.” 

-Sherry Engle,

Associate Professor, Speech, Communication

and Theatre Arts Department,



“Thank you for this program. It was brilliant!” 

-Karen Kohlhaas,

Director and Founding member, Atlantic Theater Company,

Senior Teacher, Atlantic Acting School, NYC 

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